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Ecclesia Italica RosaeCrucis


The Ecclesia Italica Rosae+Crucis was born within the Societas Italica Rosae+Crucis, as a need to cultivate freely and in a renewed form the cult brought by Christ to the world. The line of apostolic succession of our Ecclesia is primarily derived from the theosophical church, the Liberal Catholic Church.


The Ecclesia Italica Rosae+Crucis includes Christian, Gnostic and Rosicrucian teachings gathered in a single doctrinal and ritual corpus, mainly based on the teachings of the Liberal Catholic Church. The foundation and inspiration of such a breadth of theological vision lies in the original esoteric impulse of the Theosophical Society aimed at forming the nucleus of universal brotherhood; to the comparative study of religions, philosophies and sciences; and in search of the occult laws of nature and the latent faculties of man, an impulse that can be summed up in the motto “There is no religion higher than the Truth”. Ecclesia Italica Rosae+Crucis brings together many different spirits in search of the One Truth that transcends all systems.


The Christian tradition is interpreted in the light transmitted in the Ancient Mysteries, according to the theosophical system outlined by Madame Blavatsky - as well as other interpretative keys such as the perennial Gnosis then declined in the various Gnostic currents; the hermeticism that allows us to unite polytheism with monotheism; of the Cabala especially in its Christian incarnation with Pico della Mirandola and the most recent developments initiated by the current of the Golden Dawn; Martinez de Pasqually's doctrine of Reconciliation and the Reintegration of Martinism; and finally the spiritual alchemy cultivated in the mystical cenacles.


The path of the Exalted is divided into 7 degrees between Minor Orders and Major Orders:


Minor Orders

  1. Ostiary

  2. Reader

  3. Exorcist

  4. Acolyte


Major Orders

  1. Deacon

  2. Priest

  3. Bishop


Its more than fifty distinct lines of apostolic succession merged into Ecclesia Italica Rosae + Crucis. The following is a list of the main apostolic successions:


  1. Roman Catholic Church, Carlos Duarte Costa lineage

  2. Chaldean Catholic Church, Yosif Khayatt lineage

  3. Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch, Mar Ignace Peter lineage

  4. Coptic Orthodox Church, Abba Kirillus VI lineage

  5. Russian Orthodox Church, lineage of Patriarch Alexei I

  6. Greek-Melkite Patriarchate of Antioch and the East, lineage of Cyril VIII Jeha

  7. Anglican Communion, Randall Thomas Davidson lineage

  8. Liberal Catholic Church, James Ingall Wedgewood lineage

  9. Old Catholic Church, Mar Georgius lineage

  10. Succession of Villatte

  11. Mariavite succession

  12. Gnostic-Templar succession, lineage of Fabré-Palaprat

  13. Syro-Malabar succession

  14. Gallican succession

  15. Gnostic succession, Papus lineage

Image by Nik Shuliahin
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